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03 most common questions..! answered

1. Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

A creative wedding planner in Kerala will save you considerable stress during the planning process and especially on the actual day of your wedding. We’ll also serve as your creative partner – not just overseeing logistical matters – but also providing a wealth of ideas, insights, opinions, and more. Don’t have time to research wedding vendors? We are all in one wedding vendor with an in-house production unit. So that, you just lineup to appointments, approve designs, choose wedding photography styles, select menus, and so on.

2. How much does a wedding cost in Kerala?

Every wedding and couple is different! No two weddings are alike, just as no two couples are alike, nor are two wedding budgets alike. So we encourage our clients to come up with an amount they feel is reasonable to spend on their wedding – a place where their comfort zone, financially, remains intact. We work from that number to develop and design a wedding that is right for them. Normally a wedding with around 350 guests will costs up to 4.5 Lakhs

3. Do you plan and arrange other functions besides weddings?

Yes we do social events such as anniversaries, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, baptism events, life events, corporate events and other special occasions. We are happy to help with any function with a minimum guests count of 100 pax.

04 Most Common Questions

about wedding planning..! answered

1. What elements will make the biggest on ambience ?

“Lighting is an important factor in setting the mood for your event. When in doubt, opt for ‘soft amber’ bulbs; they’re classic and flattering. Candles are a part of the lighting design and even just a few votives on a dining table can make all the difference. If you fall in love with an elaborate, vintage place setting on Pinterest, don’t feel like you have to mimic the exact pieces to get the same look. Just adding upgraded flatware or glassware will capture the same essence and give you room in the budget to add other details like custom calligraphed signage or a sprig of greenery for a napkin treatment. A mock-up of your place setting can help you determine what is absolutely essential and what you can do without, while still conveying the look and feel you want guests to experience when they sit to dine with you.

2. How do we find the best wedding venues in Kerala ?

“It depends on the size of your wedding and location, of course, but we definitely recommend reaching out to several venues for quotes to get you started. Once you’ve narrowed it down based on budget, we share you the venues detail list that fit in person to get a sense of the ambiance and décor possibilities,”

3. Where should I focus on my wedding budget ?

“This depends on what’s important to you and your groom. Do you want the decor to be outstanding? Do you want to capture your wedding memories in detail? We will plan and allocate the budget as per your style and choice.

4. When should I sent out my wedding invitations ?

“We recommend to share online invitations six weeks before the wedding date and setting the RSVP deadline for two weeks prior and save the date wedding invitations one week before to the big day.

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