Intimate wedding menu's in Kerala

Due to the pandemic situation everything gets constrained, Weddings & events are also under stiff mode for the past one and a half years.  That turns us to rethink about small wedding menus for the intimate ones that can make a big impression. From first rate service to extra courses and gold standard ingredients, we reveal how to create a memorable menu for your small wedding.

Hygiene Kitchen

Hygiene is the main ingredient in the food safety recipe of every professional kitchen. We also make sure of the hygiene’s in our Kitchen.

Covid Safety Measures

Upon arrival, employees are required to Sanitize hands, wear face masks and wear them at all times and change into on-site uniform.

Fresh Ingredients

We like to believe that the dishes we offer have a distinct flavour all their own, and part of our secret is the use of fresh Ingredients.

Flawless Serving

We undertake weddings / events only with a minimum of 100 pax orders.

Special Offers for Intimate wedding menus